Typing Signs 👋

A collection of small ASL projects

ASL Dictionary 🔤→👋 (Search by Gloss)


Search over 46,000 depictions of ASL signs online.


ASL Words is an iPhone App for searching American Sign Language signs offline. This uses the 10,000 signs in the SignWriting database.

ASL Dictionary 👋→🔤 (Search by Visual)

Online Beta

See a sign you don't understand? Look up ASL signs using their handshapes, motions, or locations.

This also serves as an ASL Rhyming Dictionary.

Taking ASL Notes 📝


ASL Text is an iPhone App for jotting down notes or sentences in ASL and sharing them. It uses colored SignWriting and can be used offline.


Quickly compose ASL sentences by typing. Signs can be static or animated. Sentences can be copied to a text editor like Microsoft Word.

Social / Other

iMessage Composer

Send ASL signs to iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watches. Use a selection of animated ASL stickers or fingerspell a message. (This app is currently down for maintenance.)

Twitter Bot

Follow the Daily ASL Bot to learn a new sign every day! It tweets a random gif from Sign with Robert (Robert DeMayo) daily.

Fingerspelling Font

A 3D rendered color font of the ABCs. More fonts coming soon.

Explore Signs from Around the World (WIP)

A directory of websites for sign languages around the world (WIP).

About: 👋 Hi. I'm currently studying American Sign Language 🎓 and found it helpful to create personal tools to help learn. Shared here in case anyone else finds them useful. Best! - H